December 6, 2023


The LumbSmasher Bloxburg script is one of the most widely used scripts for optimizing games on the Roblox platform. This tool can be used in combination with ProtoSmasher, Synapse X, Sentinel, Sirhurt, Script-Ware, Krnl and Bark.

If Oauth2 Join doesn’t work on Discord, send me a message on Discord or these forums and you will receive a direct invitation.

The following 3 games are currently supported.

– Bloxburgh

– Wood Tycoon 2

– Flashback

Features – Wood Tycoon 2

Anti-TP Bypass

Bring wood

Annoy the server (annoy the server with more noise)

Kick the player

Bring the end of the world tree (take a tree to the end of the world without losing your axe)

Edit trees


Drag and drop mode

Wire mode (run wires through walls)

Burn Tool (burn other objects)

Parking mode (change the parking position of vehicles)

Auto Build (allows you to buy and place buildings as well)

Auto build progress (because auto build takes a long time)

Full brightness (you can also change the environment, not just the time of day)

Jailbreak features

Direct interaction (no need to wait to press a button to be shot)

Arrest all (arrest all criminals)

Modify Weapons (modify weapons (flammable bullets and automatic fire))

Modify Taser (Modify the taser)

Remove Doors (Remove all doors from the work area)

Annoy Server (Annoy the server with lots of noise)

Features – Bloxburg

Auto-Farm (Automatically process workspaces)

Auto-Farm (Automatically populate/restore the environment)

Fake Wages (use fake wages to trick your friends)

TP-lot (enter player’s plot)

Auto-Build (Automatically build houses/plots)

Waypoints (reach different locations via TP)

Auto-model (vehicle configuration, speed, turns, etc.)

Pixel Art (create pixel art with an image of your choice)

LumbSmasher Bloxburg Discord

Join the LumbSmasher Discord server! 5.8k

You can join the LumbSmasher community on the Discord server. discord has over 9570 players and you can chat and send voice messages.

The data is posted by ♥ on – the resource is available for download – see. Original text


  1. loadstring(game:HttpGet(‘’,true))(‘’)

How do I run the Bloxburg script?

To run the script, you need Roblox Exploit. click here to download any Roblox Exploit.

– Run the downloaded exe and launch the LumbSmasher game in Roblox.

– Copy and paste the script downloaded from the link above into the exe text box.

– Click the Inject/Run button to display the script GUI. at this point you can activate any cheats.

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